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Arsenal's problem is the fate of poor

Le 18 December 2017, 08:56 dans Humeurs 0

Arsenal's problem is the fate of poor, it is also an old problem. At home with Manchester United, Arsenal have a full 33-footer, but eventually got only one goal, had to accept the result of a 1-3 defeat. Or against Newcastle United Fergie Jenkins Jersey, or so. Throughout the game, Arsenal hit the door to reach 23 feet, 11 feet kick, seven blocked, shot within the scope of the doorframe, the real threat to Newcastle United shot only 5 feet, shot conversion rate is too low, into The ball has become very difficult. Manchester City hit a quick counterattack Jason Heyward Jersey, Beijing Duo An pass, Debu Laone restricted area on the left burst burst network Joe Maddon Jersey, 2-0! The first 76 minutes, Weier Tong Heng dipped Delaware restricted area foul, the referee decisively his hand to 12 yards, Geosuisi penalty kick hit the left column pop! Stirling follow the ball to push the ball high. Adjara midfielder Azar back knocking, Canter to keep up with the goalkeeper volley volley saved; 6 minutes later Ron Santo Jersey, Pedro backcourt steals fast break, Azar frontcourt after the break on the left lateral knock, midway outflank Pedro missed a point after the reaction of William slow, resulting in his shot was disturbed failed to build strength.

With the goal of Ozil

Le 18 December 2017, 08:55 dans Humeurs 0

With the goal of Ozil, Arsenal successfully won the Newcastle United. However, for Arsenal, the game can not look good. In the face of Newcastle United, Arsenal play very general. Azeri did not kill the game in time, after scoring the fairy ball in the first half of ?zil, but gave Newcastle a lot of scoring opportunities Willson Contreras Jersey. Throughout the game, Newcastle joined the frontcourt a total of 63 times, even twice as many as Arsenal. Debrane counterattack in the restricted area, Aguero free throw left foot low shot, Ross fell to intercept handball foul suspects Ron Santo Jersey, but the referee ignored. The first 55 minutes, Terry Pil pass, Kane closed the first leg of the beautiful volley, Edson flying the ball saved the bottom line. The first 67 minutes, Sane on the left ball forcibly restricted the restricted area right foot Gong Loreisi denied, Stirling 2 meters in front of the ball to fill the ball hit! Bertrand forced the left pass after a breakthrough pass, Cahill stopped in front of almost mistakes in the face of each other's players close down, Chelsea captain timely siege, which is the most threatening since the two sides opened an offensive. The first 15 minutes Matt Szczur Jersey, Williams frontcourt with Alonso on the left wall with the wall, then he cross-cut right foot volley Alec Mills Jersey, the ball a little wide of the bottom right corner; the first 21 minutes, William broke into the restricted area on the right cross, goal After the point Alonso direct volley, Foster struggling to save the ball, then Cahill's long-range saved by the goalkeeper.

Chelsea League home game

Le 18 December 2017, 08:55 dans Humeurs 0

Chelsea League home game five-game winning streak: After this round of victory over Southampton Fergie Jenkins Jersey, Chelsea have been in the league home winning five straight, the Blues last losing at the league home, but also dates back to 0-1 on October 1 Manchester City game. Southampton 6 away victories away to the road: lost to Chelsea today Joe Maddon Jersey, Southampton has been in the league six consecutive victorious away, the Saints last away win, or September 16 1-0 victory over the Crystal Palace game. Newcastle United's poor record this season, 17 games scored 15 points, ranked 18th. For the Premiership, the Benitez led the magpie is the soft and persimmon people pinch. To Arsenal, it seems even more so Jake Arrieta Jersey. Opta statistics from the show, in the previous 9 Premiership against Arsenal, Newcastle suffered nine straight game couple, the gunman is simply a magician's nemesis. Not yet on the court, Newcastle United regardless of strength from the paper, or from the past record, have lost the match. Arsenal first 4 wins First win: After winning the Newcastle United, Arsenal won the first four league games the first win. The face of Newcastle United the last 12 times, Arsenal 10 wins, 2 draws unbeaten. Newcastle nine victorious: the Magpies Corps continued downturn, lost to Arsenal, their last nine rounds of the Premiership 1 draws and 8 losses not win the recent four-game losing streak. MVP: Ozil's key goal to help Germany finally get a victory Arsenal, which is ?zil's third Premier League this season Brian Duensing Jersey, the ball this season.

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